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Candace Wostrel-Glatch, BSN, RN

About Candace and how it all started…

Candace started out many years ago as a cosmetologist.  She loved it, but decided instead to become a registered nurse. 

She has been a nurse for 16+ years.  She worked in the Clinic setting for 6+ years, Mental Health for 2+ years, Urgent Care setting for 10+ years and now in the ER.

As much as Candace loves nursing, she wanted to combine her clinical experience with her original love of cosmetology. She loves how beauty enhancements can make the difference in a person's feelings and confidence.
So, Candace decided to open her business focusing on making people’s natural beauty stand out!

In her words:
"Today, I am more of a naturalist.  I like to enhance what is natural and feel good about it.  I am here to help you feel natural in your skin.  Whether it takes a little bit of enhancement or you feel like you need a little more… everyone has their own comfort in their own skin and what their natural beauty looks like."

candace and charlie



Dr. Alan Cherkasky

As a family doctor with years of multi-dimensional experience- I enjoy private practice in the smaller community of Minnetonka.
Over my career, I have had the honor of welcoming 1000's of babies and caring for their multigenerational families.
Career highlights include:

  • MLB team doctor

  • Longest running TV doctor (in the world!)

  • Cruise ship doctor

Aesthetics and rejuvenation has added to my everyday wonderment with what medicine can do to better our daily lives. I share Candace's passion for products that enhance naturally. I've assembled an incredibly knowledgeable team with specific experience in various modalities.

Now offering Cherry

Cherry services are fast, easy, inclusive application process is the best way to give you what you really want and need.

Candace is amazing!!! She did my cheek filler today and I am beyond thrilled with the results!!! She is a total sweetheart and made me feel so comfortable. It was my first time getting filler so I was super nervous and worried it would be painful - but Candace totally put me at ease. 100% recommend!!! Thank you, Candace!
❤️ Xoxo Veronica

Lisa Driver, MI

I had Xeomin and fillers and love the difference they made. I look better and feel much better about myself. Candace made me feel extremely comfortable and provided me with extensive knowledge about my procedures. It made such a difference to have them done in my own home. She took her time to make sure everything was perfect. I recommend everyone to go to Candace for cosmetic injections. 👏👏👏 Aden
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