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  • What injections do you offer?
    I use Xeomin for the following reasons: The most significant difference in Botox vs Xeomin is that Xeomin is formulated to be purely botulinum Type A. This formulation reduces the chances of allergies. Botox contains other proteins that can cause allergies. Xeomin also had the advantage of being ‘naked,’ meaning it’s formulated to be potent while reducing the chances of unwanted reactions. Some studies show that Xeomin can last longer than Botox.
  • What is a home party like?
    Like bringing a pop-up spa right into your living room. You set the vibe with your favorite snacks, a little wine, and whatever tunes you love, creating a cozy and fun atmosphere. Our role? We bring the beauty enhancements, delivering professional-grade neuromodulators and fillers to help everyone look and feel amazing. And here's the best part: for every 100 units your guests buy, you score 10 units for yourself. Each guest needs to grab at least 20 units, so if you invite five friends, you're looking at snagging at least 10 units on the house. It's a great way to mix, mingle, and give everyone a beauty boost!
  • What are the best areas to use facial filler injections?
    Dermal fillers are fantastic for smoothing out moderate to severe facial wrinkles and giving you a youthful boost. You’ll notice the effects almost instantly—these treatments work fast! They’re particularly great at softening lines and adding volume around key areas like the mouth, chin, cheeks, and eyes. Plus, the fillers we use are designed to keep your facial expressions looking natural and dynamic.
  • What exactly is an IV Therapy Skinny Shot?
    Skinny Shots are a mixture of B vitamins, amino acids, and lipotropic agents. • Provides increased energy • Boost metabolism • Helps with weight loss • Prevents accumulation of fats in the liver • Metabolizes, transports, and gets rid of fat from the body • Balances out irregular hormone levels • Improves digestion, nerve and skin health, and overall well-being The Skinny Shot is a special formula of liver supporting nutrients that can help with energy, fat metabolism, and hormone balance, which are all key liver functions. $30 each - recommended 1-2 times a week, 4 for $100
  • Why IV Hydration Therapy is Better?
    IV hydration therapy allows your body to absorb fluids and nutrients more readily than oral intake by entering the bloodstream directly. Fluids, vitamins, and nutrients taken orally are broken down slowly in the digestive tract, allowing less to be absorbed into the body for circulation. Supplying the needed nutrients via IV increases the absorption rate, allowing for much more effective absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids at much higher rates, up to 95%. The process also delivers these vital fluids and nutrients into circulation, so they can get where they need more rapidly.
  • What should I do after having a tox injection?
    Both Botox and Xeomin need special care to get the most out of the procedure. Right after you leave the doctor’s office, try not to touch or massage the injection areas. Touching or massaging the areas could move the botulinum toxin to another part of your face. This movement can cause unwanted side effects. It would help if you also avoid exercise and other strenuous work for at least 24 hours after treatment. Like massage, the added movement and sweating can displace your injectable, reducing its impact. Alcohol, sun exposure, and tanning could also cause bruising, so avoid drinking and sun exposure for at least 24 hours as well. Most Botox and Xeomin patients experience no side effects in addition to the bruising and swelling. However, with any procedure, there is an associated risk. These include: Muscle weakness or stiffness at the injection site. An unknown allergy to botulinum toxin type A Headaches, neck pain, or back pain Rash, itching, dry eyes, and mouth Difficulty swallowing Respiratory infections If you notice some strange side effects lasting several days, speak with your doctor immediately. Your doctor can formulate a plan to reduce the side effects. However, if you're having trouble breathing, speaking, or vision problems, seek emergency help.
  • Where & why would I use a neurotoxin injection?
    Neurotoxins, like Botox,Daxxify or Xeomin are injectable solutions that temporarily block nerve receptors in the muscle, preventing lines and wrinkles from forming. They are also used for medical conditions such as: treating muscle stiffness or spasms, excessive sweating, and overactive bladders. We suggest Xeomin or Ddaxxify because they don't contain animal proteins and clients typically see results faster than with other neurotoxins on the market.
  • What can I expect during an Aerolase® Neo Elite treatment session?
    During the procedure, you may experience a mild tingling sensation or warmth as the laser energy interacts with your skin, though discomfort is minimal.
  • What should I do before and after undergoing Aerolase® Neo Elite treatment?
    Before treatment, patients should avoid sun exposure and discontinue using certain skincare products. After treatment, it’s important to follow post-procedure care instructions provided by your dermatologist.
  • When will I see the results of the Aerolase® Neo Elite treatment?
    Patients typically notice improvements in their skin’s appearance within a few sessions, with optimal results achieved over time.
  • Is there any downtime or side effects associated with Aerolase® Neo Elite treatment?
    Minimal downtime and mild, transient side effects such as temporary redness or swelling may occur, but they typically resolve quickly.
  • How long do results from Aerolase® Neo Elite treatment last?
    The longevity of results varies depending on individual skin characteristics and the specific concerns being addressed.
  • Who is a good candidate for Aerolase® Neo Elite treatment?
    Aerolase® Neo Elite is suitable for individuals seeking to address various skin concerns, including acne, scarring, melasma, and signs of aging.
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